Bosu training with personal trainer


Effect of Bosu training

Personal trainer’s advice

Keep gradation principles!
If you try Bosu at the first time, stand on it both of your feet and do the exercises in tis way.

Bosu training with personal trainer

Bosu Balance trainer is a fitness and restoration equipment like a half-cut ball. Excellent propriocept training and as a personal trainer I love using it to improve coordination skill and create body awareness as not just the muscle strenght and enduration are important but we should pay attention to develope coordination and balance.


All of them are accomplished with Bosu trainer. This equipment is available in the private training room, of course. Meaning of propriocept: joint sense (izületi helyzetérzékelés) which is conscious and self-sustaining from mind perseption. It can develop core muscle superbly.


This is the crucial part of the basic section of the program. But it can be built in the advanced program as well when the core stability is strong enough and it is necessary to increase intensity.

I take Bosu Balance training in my private training room, Personal Gym, outside and in your home.

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    Physiological effects of Bosu training:

    male-silhouette-variant-showing-muscles  Increase balance and body conscious

    stretching  Strenghten body stability muscles