Cardio training with personal trainer


Effect of Cardio training

Personal trainer’s advice

If you would like to do cardio training without a personal trainer, please pay attention to the pulse to keep it in the purpose zone. Purpose zone is determined by your goal.
If you don’t like running you can use different incline on the treadmill in order to rise your pulsenumber.
Not just cardio machines are used for cardio training. Try other trainings which can rise your pulse.

Cardio training with personal trainer

If your purpose is to increase your endurance, to reduce body fat percentage or you need stress solution,  I will build cardio in your training program.

Essence of cardio is pulse control. In my private training room Polar pulse watch and belt can help for the effective training. Cardiovascular  can be developed with such movements when more muscle groups ( chest, back, thigh, bottom) are working together at the same time. In my private training if it is in my private gym, Personal Gym, cardio training is on treadmill and bicycle.

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    Effects of cardio for the body

    female-waist-reduction Fat burning

    running Improving of anaerob endurance

    health-care improving of aerob endurance