Circuit training with personal trainer


Effect of circuit training

Personal trainer’s advice

Don’t try circuit training in crowded fitness gym if you want to use machines during the training.
Repetiton number should be at least 12, but you can work for time as well.
Don’t use big weights.
If you do body-weight training at home, be very careful.
The basic of circuit training is to miss rest time. Do it only between the circuits.

Circuit training with personal trainer

This is such a kind of  dynamic training when the personal trainer creates more stages and you go from one by one to train your whole body.


Stages are created to train the whole body so all of muscle groups are working. Stages can be weight machines, cardio machines or  calisthenics or combinations of them. During training we do number of repetions (or repetins for time) then short rest time or without rest time go to the next stage. We  repeat the circuit more times.

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    Physiological effects of circuit training for body:

    male-silhouette-variant-showing-muscles Develop aerob endurance

    women-buttock Fat burning, toning up

    health-care Develop anaerob endurance