Online personal training with personal trainer


This kind of training is a good choice for those who don’t live in Budapest or in nearby towns but need a professional trainer who can monitor their process for reaching their purposes.

Although your personal trainer is not with you physically, you can follow the training plan made by the trainer and based on your purposes.


At the first contact, we will discuss where you can train ( gym, outdoor, at home – with equipments), how much time you can spend on training, and we will mark the training days as well. According to these facts every training day you will get the WOOD (workout of the day). If you are a beginner, I will send pictures or/and videos to represent the correct way of movements and to help you learn them easier.

As face to face meeting is not possible because of the distance, so checking your weight and body changing are your task. Once a week you must weight yourself and take a whole body picture of you. This photo and data of your weight have to be sent me. Although we can’t meet, I will have information about your changes and your body’s reaction for training and new eating habit.


Because of the distance, don’t give up the possibility of personal training. you can have opportunity to have a personal trainer and to step on  the path of healthy life.


Don’t think more! Do the first step now! I’m looking forward to your message!


Online personal training can include the following trainings:

(further information about trainings, go to ’Trainings’ menu)

  • TRX
  • bosu
  • cardio
  • power cardio
  • HIIT
  • stretching
  • weight training



Effects of training for the body


  • develop narrow movement range
  • increase posture
  • good blood pressure
  • normal colesterin level
  • reduce the chance for the formation of locomotor disease
  • reduce the chance for the formation of cardiovascular system disease
  • and many other benefits

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