Outdoor personal training with personal trainer


If the weather is good and you want to as well, we can have the training in the nature. Outdoor training can be a new challenge for your body, and it can make the training more interesting.

In the air we can have cardio, power cardio, HIIT, TRX, body-weight training, power training. Outdoor trainings are healthier and have bigger part to increase endurance than indoor trainings.

Natural forces make the body to work more differently than usual – active wind means different intensity stimulus, its cold effect makes the veins to work intensively so it actives the heat conditioner – sunshine increases work of hormone house and stimulate nervious system.



Effects of training for the body

  • we can sleep better
  • less stress
  • we can shape our body
  • increase self-confident
  • increase insuline sensibility of the body
  • reduce the chance for the formation of osteoporosis
  • reduce the chance for the formation of locomotor disease
  • reduce the chance for the formation of cardiovascular system disease
  • normalise blood pressure
  • moderate whole cholesterol level, includes  ’bad’ cholesterol (LDL),  at the same time increase the rate of  ’good’   cholesterol (HDL) in blood
  • reduce body fat (with clean eating)

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