Pair training with personal trainer


I can offer this service for those who would like to train together with their love or girlfriend or just want to reduce the charge. The price of pair training is the same as the price of personal trainer for one person, and contains the same services.

According to the purposes, pair training can include thhe following trainings:

(further information about trainings, go to ’Trainings’ menu)

  • TRX
  • bosu
  • cardio
  • power cardio
  • HIIT
  • stretching
  • weight training



Effects of training for the body


  • develop narrow movement range
  • increase posture
  • good blood pressure
  • normal colesterin level
  • reduce the chance for the formation of locomotor disease
  • reduce the chance for the formation of cardiovascular system disease
  • and many other benefits

Registry now for the Pair personal training

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