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All you want to know about me

I am Szmetana Krisztina, personal trainer. I would like to offer my help because I know, changing lifestyle is a big challenge for everybody. I can make this challenge easy with my professional knowledge and with my sociably created training room.
The personal trainer services and the private gym services are created in the way to be also available for people who don’t have high earnings.
Don’t be luxury to train with a personal trainer.
I would like everybody to have possibility to take part in a training and lifestyle program of which success is ensured by my professional knowledge and experience.

I try to give you help with my personal trainer website. If you click on ’Learning’ ( you can find it in the upper menu), a lot of information about eating, training and health can be read there. It is updated continuously.
To reach a sporty, healthy, beautiful body is hard work but a professional personal trainer can make this way nicer. You don’t need to fight alone as there is a chance to be a person next to you who can help you, support you and give you all the materials what you need to reach your purpose.
You deserve the best! Don’t do with less!
Get ahold of me using a way in Contact menu if your purpose is to increase body mass, to reduce body mass, to increase endurance, a whole lifestyle changing, to get movement in your life, to prevent development of civilization disease, to get back fit body condition.

I’m looking forward to meeting you in Personal Gym where you don’t be afraid of being stared by anybody, you can train in your tempo and you can train alone on power machines and equipments 24 hours a day.
Personal trainer services can be found in Services menu.

About me:
I would like to start with the fact that I had luck to grow up with fitness. It means that fitness was getting more popular in Hungary at the time I was growing up. The first videos, dvd-s, fitness magazines were found on the shelves in my room. Of course I used them every day and trained with the famous American trainers and later the Hungarian ones as well. I loved watching my body changing. Once there was a point when there was no challenge and body changing either. That time I started to educate myself. Sport science, anatomy, functional anatomy…. Then not everybody had a computer at home so there were only libraries and books. As I was lost in mysteries of sport and dietetics, eating and moving became in other point of view for me. Fitness wasn’t just ’shaping your body’ anymore, it became an activity to keep your health. I learnt how many positive benefits moving has, how much bad consequence the sedentary lifestyle and bad eating have. I know young people don’t care about their middle-aged themselves but this is one of the biggest mistakes what they can make. Today training and eating habits will get the result tomorrow. You can enjoy the effects of your ’young age’ trainings when you are over 40. Never late to start, of course.
As I wanted to help people to learn the good approach and to create the healthy and fit lifestyle, I was looking for such a school what ensured me a professional course and practise. So I chose International Wellness Insitute (IWI) where I could take part in a western standard course included every aspect of fitness. I was helped to spread my knowledge and that’s why I can help you now.
Thanks for spending time on reading my story.
My certifications: Fitness and bodybuilding instructor, Personal trainer, Functional trainer, Power cardio trainer.

Why should you choose me?

Free body stats assessment

Free body stats assessment on the first training day

Private training room

Trainings are in my private training room where there are only you and me.

Protein shake after trainings

After every training you are my guest for a protein shake.

Free shower gel and tower

Shower gel and tower are provided for the shower after trainings. You need to bring only your training shoes and clothes.

Excellent monthly pass contruction

The more you train the less you pay.

Pair personal training

You can save half of your outgoing if you choose Pair personal training service. Jump for the chance!

Big selection of training equipments

Dumbbells, barbells, stack machines, Smith rack, Bosu, Fitball, and many others are waiting for you.

Polar compatible cardio machines

You can choose bicycle or treadmill for cardio training. Both of them are compatible with Polar pulse transmitter.