TRX training with personal trainer


Effect of TRX training

Personal trainer’s advice

The essence of TRX training is thta the body stability muscles are working continuously.
Keep these muscles working!
The head is always the elongation of the body, engage your core, avoid sagging hips and don’t lift your bottom either.
If you can’t do it, training effect is lower moreover you can get back-ache.
Take care about every movement.

TRX training with personal trainer

TRX – Total-body Resistence eXercise – is a suspensior band, a training equipment which started its way from the American Navy.

Its popularity is thanked for the facts that it needs little place and has multi-faceted effect for the body. Trainings with TRX can help us to increase muscles, endurance, power and mobility.

It is very useful for Stretching and we can burn fat and shape our body with suitable exercises. It is proper for rehabilitaion aims.

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    Physiological effects of TRX training:

    male-silhouette-variant-showing-muscles  Strenghten body stability muscles

    women-buttock  Shaping body

    female-waist-reduction  Fat burning

    stretching  Improve posture

    running  Increase endurance

    standing-man-silhouette-lifting-dumbbells32  Increase power