Weight training with personal trainer


Effect of weight training

Personal trainer’s advice

Warm up your body before a weight training. Cardio is very useful to increase your pulse number.
Warm up your joints with gymnastic exercises.
Do the exercises safely and properly, pay attention to the appropriate breath technique.

Weight training with personal trainer

Anywhere you could read about the physiology effects of weight training, among others here as well. As its effect is multi-faceted therefore as a personal trainer I prefer it so I will build in the training program if your purpose is to increase endurance, muscle mass or to reduce body fat percentage.

According to the advantages, a good personal trainer can’t miss weight training from a diet or toning up program. If weight training is missing from the program and it is replaced with cardio, the body become ’soft’. Skin can be hanging for example on bottom or upper-arm.

Lack os muscles basal metabolism becomes slower which can make difficulty lose weight (more muscles can pick up more nutriments). These changes can be seen by the personal trainer who can change your tarining program. Weight training can ensure to maintain muscles because if we don’t stimulate them, they can believe that they aren’t needed and the body starts to redundantize them.

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    Physiological effect of weight training:

    male-silhouette-variant-showing-muscles increase muscle power – you can feel its advantages on more fileds of life.

    women-buttock toning up your body – nice, shaped bottom, shaped shoulder and thin waist

    female-waist-reduction increase metabolism – fat losing is faster

    stretchingstrentgh connective tissue and stroma – reduce chance for injury

    runningbetter posture

    standing-man-silhouette-lifting-dumbbells32reduce chance for elderly osteoporosis

    health-carereduce / stop locomotor disease