Woman personal training with personal trainer


We  women  also need weight training. Unsubstantiated fear among women that they can become bigger as an effect of this kind of training. Building muscles is not such a fast and simple process. It isn’t so easy for men either even if they have benefits of testosteron.

On woman personal training shaping of bottom and leg is the essence but we shouldn’t forget that the weight training can make us sporty shoulders and arms.  It doesn’t mean that the personal training contains only weight training as there are several ways to shape and strength your body.


According to the purpose the following  trainings can be used on the personal training

  • TRX
  • Bosu
  • cardio
  • power cardio
  • HIIT
  • stretching


Effects of training for the body


  • we can shape our body
  • increase self-confident
  • increase insuline sensibility of the body
  • reduce the chance for the formation of osteoporosis
  • reduce the chance for the formation of locomotor disease
  • reduce the chance for the formation of cardiovascular system disease
  • normalise blood pressure
  • moderate whole cholesterol level, includes  ’bad’ cholesterol (LDL),  at the same time increase the rate of  ’good’   cholesterol (HDL) in blood
  • reduce body fat (with clean eating)
  • we can sleep better
  • less stress

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